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Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Top TikTok Challenges Of 2022

TikTok has become very popular when it comes to providing videos on entertainment, news, and pretty much on anything under the sun.

The challenge trend is making its rounds on the social media platform. Whether it involves singing, dancing, or acting, the videos are entertaining.

2022 consisted of many cool challenges. Below are a few that made the list:

Beyonce Challenge: “Cuff off” this challenge had many moving their feet. It was humorous to watch everyone attempt the rhythm-needing steps.

Usher Challenge: “Superstar” just about everybody tried to match or outdo Usher’s catchy and lengthy “Ohhhh Ooooh” start of the song.

Passing the phone challenge: this involved a group of people who passed the phone to someone else after saying, “I’m passing the phone to someone who________….” The fill-ins got pretty funny.

Clown Challenge: the challenge involved a clown makeup feature that covers your face. The challenge had people spilling their embarrassing stories.

Tortilla challenge: this one involved two or more people. The players gulp water and hold it in their mouths. Then they slap each other on the cheek with the tortilla. Whoever keeps the water in the longest is the winner.

Kia Challenge: the car brand had a hectic year after it became known there was a way to start a KIA without using the key. Unfortunately, the TikTok challenge spread the word. There were many videos of people attempting to do it.

Last, the “In 2022, I will challenge filter challenge: the filter is a hit feature just in time. When using the filter, a box pops up over your head with a “message” of what you’ll be up to in 2022.

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