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TikTok Has Finally Implemented Its Dislike Button Worldwide

TikTok has officially rolled out its dislike button for all users to enjoy.

The short-form video platform will now allow users to click the button when they aren’t feeling a comment on a video. The dislike button will not be visible to the public, nor will users see how many dislikes a comment receives. Those whose words are disliked will not be notified either. With so many restrictions, the button may seem pointless. However, the platform doesn’t want to create a hostile environment among creators.

Instead, TikTok hopes the thumbs down button will help identify distasteful comments. Most importantly, TikTok hopes to unite the community to “foster a comments section for genuine and authentic interaction.” The dislike button will serve as a way to note an “irrelevant or inappropriate” comment without taking the steps to actually report it. TikTokers will find the new link next to the heart-shaped “like” button. When you dislike a comment, the thumbs-down icon will turn black.

Earlier this year, TikTok began testing the button, but there were no sure plans to roll it out globally. Now that the feature and process have been perfected, TikTok hopes it will add a new experience to the app.

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