TikTok Influencer Admits to Snitching on Strippers to the IRS

TikTok Influencer Admits to Snitching on Strippers to the IRS

TikTok creator Ethan Keiser put people on to a new get money scheme that reporting people to the IRS “Whistleblower Office” for not paying taxes can get you 30% of what they owe.

Keiser reposted Las Vegas dancer Rosalia’s video in which she showed off how much she made in 3 days.

“What a weekend looks like as a Vegas stripper,” Rosalia said while playing Bia’s “Whole Lotta Money” in the background, she wrote out her grand total on a whiteboard: $33,700 in three days. “I just happened to have a really good night on the third night,” she tells Rolling Stone. “So it went viral.”

Her video garnered 48 million views.

Eventually, the entertainer began to notice people leaving comments that they would report her to the IRS. Some even said they’d rob her. But what really caught her attention was Keiser, who had reposted her video and tipped off viewers.

In his repost, he included a screenshot of the IRS “Whistleblower Office” and said, “It’s business, baby.”

Rosalina’s video was part of the popular trend StripperTok. Keiser encourages his followers to report women on StripperTok to the IRS. He also assumes that exotic dancers do not pay taxes.

He went as far as to include a detailed guide for how to “snitch” and urged his followers to go to Instagram and search stripper-related hashtags to “find someone flexing cash.”

Also, in his video, he claims to earn $60,000 a month from “snitching” on exotic dancers to the IRS, but, he did not provide evidence to Rolling Stone supporting this claim.

This is a whole new trend of snitching, considering most are secretive about telling. But he’s apparently created a following among other aggrieved men on TikTok.

Evidently, Keiser had a bad date with a woman who blasted him for it. She posted a TikTok video about him with the caption “worst date ever with a TikToker,” claiming how he brought his own pool cue to a first date and asked her to buy him a drink before leaving.

He posted in defense: “Boys, it is no simp September, I don’t care what you look like, how good-looking you are, if you’re gonna compete with me, I’m gonna win,” he said, urging men to “like and follow if you’re not a simp.”

A Instagram page—@TheDancersResource—called him out. Keiser then tried to say the videos about telling on strippers are intended as a “joke for educational purposes.” He hopes that the videos discourage women from showing off their cash online. But they have instead proven to have negative impacts on the women featured in his TikToks.

Keiser also reported Ashley DiMeo, a Tristate-area exotic dancer and popular TikTok creator to the IRS after she posted a video showing piles of cash in a drawer.

It’s questionable if Keiser and others can actually report these women without knowing their personal information. However, his videos make a way to harass women on the platform. “He’s making it worse for us. We get so much hate and he creates so much more hate,” DiMeo says. “Even if he’s not getting money from us, it’s not right what he’s doing.”

According to the agency’s website, the IRS does offer between 15 and 30 percent of the money collected through its Whistleblower Program, provided the accused makes more than $200,000 a year. People who participate are required to fill out a detailed form including “copies of books and records, ledger sheets, receipts, bank records, contracts, emails, and the location of assets” supporting their claim of alleged tax noncompliance.

The website also stated that a claim will not be processed if it is submitted using an alias or anonymously or if it is “found to have no merit [or lacks] sufficient specific and credible information.”


Reply to @paigeofgold please be careful flexing on social media if you are a 1099 worker! You don’t want to be audited. #tax #snitch

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