TikTok Calls on Users to Contact Congress as Ban Threatens Its Removal From App Stores

TikTok Moving Towards Live Shopping Just In Time for the Holiday Season

TikTok is ready to take its platform to the next level with a live shopping integration.

The social media icon is currently negotiating with TalkShopLive, a California-based shopping extension. The company will make it possible for creators and companies to sell goods directly from their live videos. However, no deal has been solidified, and talks are still ongoing.

This move will be particularly useful to brands, allowing them to reach paying customers immediately while showcasing their latest products during live streams. If the deal is finalized, TalkShopLive will receive a 10% commission from each sale, though it is likely TikTok will likely cover that cost for the initial phase of the feature’s rollout.

For TikTok’s benefit, Facebook has abandoned live stream shopping. This means that the short-form app has an advantage because there is essentially no meaningful competition in the market.

Though no official launch date has been unveiled, the feature is rumored to roll out over the next month in collaboration with large brands. The timing is perfect, considering the holiday season brings increased spending. Known as TikTok Shop, this innovation is being mirrored after a similar feature on TikTok’s sister app, Douyin, which is not available in the U.S.

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