This TikTok 'Then & Now' Trend Has Us Believing True Love Exists
Then and Now Tiktok trend

This TikTok ‘Then & Now’ Trend Has Us Believing True Love Exists [Video]

We all know TikTok is the birthplace of most internet trends today. While some have been extremely cringy, such as the #6secchallenge, which involved recording yourself blinking in six seconds intervals, others have been extremely satisfying. The latest of these video styles has everyone in their feelings and is renewing the idea of true love.

The “Then & Now” trend is a new spin on throwback photos. Instead of users sharing years-old pictures of just themselves, couples are sharing oldies from the beginning of their relationship before flashing images of their present reality. The adorable videos show many lovebirds in high school before flashing to a grown-up update. In other renditions, couples are pictured together during rough periods before glowing up together. Now often married, with children of their own, these touching clips are a testament to how love can blossom over the years.

Coco Jones’ viral single, “ICU,” makes this romantic trend even sweeter, serving as the backdrop of each “Then & Now” TikTok.



♬ original sound – Def Jam


Our love story is my favorite 🤍 #CapCut

♬ original sound – Def Jam





Been about you still about you 🥰❤️ #iloveyou #wifelife #10years

♬ original sound – Def Jam


2012 —————> 2022 🫶🏽#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #nunnthingbutlove #thenunns #mymanmymanmyman #blacklove #blacktiktok #marriedlife #marriedcouple #marriagetok #weddingtiktok #blacklovematters #CapCut

♬ original sound – Def Jam


#CapCut married my love only knowing him for 2 months. We just celebrated 22yrs. #him61yr #her53yr ❤️ #blacklovewins #husbandwife #inlove #fyp #marriedcouple #foryoupage #loveatfirstsight

♬ original sound – Def Jam




Love this trend 🥹🤎 we were 18 back then 🤍 #relationships #couplestiktok #marriedcouple

♬ original sound – Def Jam


2010——————>2023🫶🏼 #fypシ #capcut #lovestory #tiktok #forever

♬ original sound – Def Jam


Which of these affectionate videos left you with all the feels?

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