Timbaland Says Former Tenant Has Been Breaking Into His Miami Mansion and “Stealing Mail From The Home”

Super producer Timbaland is looking to settle the score, after an alleged incident involving a former tenant resulted in a burglarized home. 

According to The @Blast, the producer filed a police report on September 11, as part of his legal battle with William Zamora, who previously rented his Miami mansion. 

In the legal docs, obtained by the publication, Timbaland said ”in the past few weeks,” someone had been “breaking through the gate” of his home and “stealing mail.” 

Though officials are already investigating the break-ins, the producer says he already knows who’s behind the reported crimes – Zamora. 

According to Timbaland, “no one else would have a reason to seek to recover mail from the home,” except Zamora, which leads him to believe he is the culprit. 

The two had been at odds over a bad business deal over the Miami mansion. According to the publication, Timbaland sold the home to the former tenant and allowed him to live there until escrow closed. But, when the deal fell through, Zamora refused to leave, which inclined Timbaland to sue. 

After a legal battle, Zamora was ordered to move, but as it turns out, he left a mess, including $100k in damages and another $100k in stolen property. Fortunately for the producer, he was able to fix it up, and put the home back on the market, for a whopping $2.99 million.

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