Timbaland Suggests That Chris Brown Has An Untouchable Catalog and Would Beat Usher In a Verzuz

Timbaland Suggests That Chris Brown Has An Untouchable Catalog and Would Beat Usher In a Verzuz

Chris Brown VS Usher is the topic of discussion again.

This morning on an episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlagamane, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee had a discussion with Timbaland on who would be the winner of the Verzuz battle between the two R&B stars Chris Brown and Usher.

During the beginning of the clip, Charlagmane suggests that there are only three untouchable catalogs: he said, “I think Usher has a pretty untouchable catalog, Mary J. Blige has an untouchable catalog, and Hov has an untouchable catalog.”

Shortly after Timbaland chimes in and says “hold on, ain’t nobody catalog like Chris Brown’s.”

You can hear the surprise in Charlamagne’s voice when he said, “Whatttt, Chris Brown?”

Angela Yee agrees with Timbaland and says, “Chris Brown has a great catalog.”

Timbaland then cuts of DJ Envy and says, “Chris Brown’s features alone, come on now!”

In the video, you can tell that Charlamagne and DJ Envy do agree that Chris Brown has a great catalog, just not as good as Usher.

Charlamagne said, “But against two though, Chris Brown against Usher, Naw, he wouldn’t win that.”

But Timbaland disagrees: “Chris Brown has too much, his bags big, he got like 50 bags.”

They then start to debate who has the most hits, Charlagmane said, “Usher has 20 nuclear weapons.” Timbaland said, “but Chris Brown has 50 nuclear weapons, I’m telling you.”

If we were ever to get a Verzuz Battle against Chris Brown and Usher, who do you think would win that battle?






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