Time’s Up Reveals Safety Guide for Entertainment Industry Employees

Time’s Up Entertainment released a new resource guide to prevent and report workplace misconduct, including discrimination, retaliation, unwanted touching, harassment, sexual assault, and rape.

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of the Time’s Up Foundation says, “Too many people in the entertainment industry are facing physical, emotional, and financial harm. We know because we, unfortunately, hear about it all the time”. “This resource is one of many ways Time’s Up is working to ensure everyone is treated with safety, respect, and dignity in the workplace, no matter what work you take on.”

Relying very heavily on the preliminaries laid by SAG-AFTRA Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment and the nudity provisions of the union’s basic contract, the new three-volume Time’s Up Guide to Working in Entertainment offers “resources for people in the entertainment industry who find themselves in situations that are at best awkward, or at worst, dangerous. These resources cover specific circumstances where people have historically been preyed upon, such as auditions and nude, intimate, and simulated sex scenes, as well as general guidance about your options and rights.”

The final volume, “Your Right to Report Sexual Misconduct and Harassment,” covers whether and how to report incidents to an employer, a union, or state or federal authorities and offers other resources to reach out to regarding such conduct. Individuals can access the resource by texting SAFESETS to 306-44. The foundation also stated that it welcomes feedback on the guide which can be provided by contacting hello@timesupnow.org

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