Ms. Tina Says Beyoncé Doesn't Bring Personal Toilet Seats On Tour: "That's So Ridiculous" [Video]

Ms. Tina Says Beyoncé Doesn’t Bring Personal Toilet Seats On Tour: “That’s So Ridiculous” [Video]

Tina Knowles says the story of Beyoncé bringing her own toilet seats on tour is fake news.

The viral report of the Houston star having a stash of travel toilet seats broke the internet a few weeks ago. It all stemmed from a picture showing what appeared to be a container of lavatory chairs next to her name. Knowles caught wind of the rumor and quickly shut down the ridiculous notion that Bey is going around the world with her own arsenal of poop stools.

“That is so ridiculous,” she told TMZ, who caught up with the former hairstylist and designer in Los Angeles.

Knowles explained that the pack of “toilet seats” people observed in the photo was actually a stand that goes on the stage and holds the fans frequently seen blowing Bey’s hair as she serenades the massive crowds. Ironically, the stand goes by the same name, contributing to the mix-up.

She was then asked about the constant comparisons between Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. However, Knowles quickly shut down the reporter.

“I have nothing to say about that,” she stated before adding, “They should both be celebrated.”

Once the subject of Knowles’s relationship status came up, she quickly ended the conversation and moved right along. The 69-year-old filed for divorce from actor Richard Lawson last month after eight years of marriage, though the exact reasons remain under wraps. In the meantime, she enjoys watching her daughter slay the stage on the record-breaking international run.

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