Tinashe Sued By Music Producer For Copyright Infringement; Accused of Stealing Work For “Save Room For Us”

Singer and dancer Tinashe is being sued by an Australian music producer who is accusing the artist of running off with some of his music.

William Kissas, aka Will K, is suing for copyright infringement and fraudulent misrepresentation. In addition to Tinashe, he is also suing singer MakJ, claiming that in February of last year, MakJ contacted him regarding “putting together some musical tracks and recordings” for sessions with Tinashe. Will K promptly sent MakJ over his “own original musical tracks and recordings” via DropBox under the impression that it was a legit business opportunity.

According to lawsuit docs obtained by The Blast, it was agreed that if Tinashe used any of his work that was sent over, Will K would receive a production credit and compensation if “such musical tracks and recordings were used.” However, Will K claims that Tinashe used his work for her hit single “Save Room For Us,” and he received no compensation for it. He claims that he reached out to MakJ, who allegedly promised to “get it figured out.” Instead, MakJ nor Tinashe never made good on this promise nor made any effort to give him proper production credit.

In addition to seeking unspecified damages, Will K is also requesting an injunction prohibiting Tinashe from profiting off of the single.

Tinashe nor MakJ have responded to the suit.


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