Tisha Campbell Reveals Devastating Childhood Rape

TV One’s “Uncensored” is set to premiere it’s new season on October 6 with all new celebrity guests, telling candid stories.

Tisha Campbell will be featured in the first new episode of the season. In the episode, she revealed some devastating details about a sexual assault that took place when she was a child.

An “Uncensored” Campbell shared details about the moments after the rape, which happened to her when she was 3, at the hands of a male babysitter.

“So it was a babysitter, someone very close to us,” she started. “I remember us watching T.V., and I was a yeller. I can’t remember which brother had a butterknife, but to me, it was a knife, and I said, ‘Put that knife down!’ And the babysitter said, ‘I told you if you yell one more time, you’re going to get it.’ So I thought I was getting a spanking. He said, ‘Get in the room.’”

The actress then shared shockingly graphic details about how the baby sitter violated her.

Campbell also recalled how she felt afterwards as she told her father about the assault; “I remember feeling really numb, not physically but numb spiritually.”

The actress shared, “I remember the next morning still kind of limping, and I remember my dad saying, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why are you limping like that?’ And I said [the babysitter’s name] he put his thing inside me. And I knew that ‘He’ll handle it. My dad will handle it.’

And her dad did, Tisha shared that her father handled it once she told him what happened.  “I told, I told right away, right away, I told. I had a father who was a big guy, and I trusted that he would protect me. So I told my dad immediately, but it still affects you later on in life.”

The new season of “Uncensored” with Tisha Campbell, premieres Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c on TV One.

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