Todd and Julie Chrisley Plan To Appeal Long Sentence After Court Ruling

Todd and Julie Chrisley Plan To Appeal Long Sentence After Court Ruling

Todd and Julie Chrisley are going to put up a fight and plan to appeal the super-long sentences they received in court on Monday.

As previously reported, Todd Chrisley, 54, was sentenced to 12 years in prison with 16 months of probation, while Julie, 49, received seven years and 16 months of probation for bank fraud and tax evasion. They are expected to serve their sentences in a “camp environment” with religious studies, therapy, and educational programs.

Though they are appealing the sentences, the judge believes they must serve at least 85 percent of their term.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani gave his input on the case.

“I think this shows a [level of] narcissism. There was so much evidence in those financial records.” The Chrisleys have used Christianity and religion to explain their innocence.

Meanwhile, their daughter Savannah, 25, will take custody of for their youngest son Grayson, 16, and granddaughter Chloe, 10. Chase, 26, is the couple’s other son.

“The fact that they didn’t accept any responsibility, even after they were convicted, is one of the reasons the judge hammered them, and they got such high sentences. They didn’t take any steps to mitigate what they had done,” Rahmani continues.

“So, they’re going to roll the dice on an appeal. I don’t think an appeal will be very successful because there’s no clear legal error,” he says. “They have a very slim chance of winning.”

The couple’s accountant, Peter Tarantino, 60, was sentenced to three years in prison with three years of supervised release.

If they have to serve their parallel sentences, they will be forbidden from visiting each other.

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