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Tommy Davidson Says Jamie Foxx Was Unkind To Him Throughout His Career In New Memoir “Living In Color”

In his new memoir, Tommy Davidson shares an anecdote about the time when Jamie Foxx allegedly tried to make him the brunt of a joke during the shooting of an “In Living Color” episode.

Davidson, 56, is gearing up to release his new memoir, “Living in Color,” which will detail various points in the comedic actor’s life. One of the many stories he reveals is about how he and fellow comedic actor and former “In Living Color” co-star, Foxx, didn’t always get along.

Davidson says it all started when Foxx became the newest member of the program, saying they had tension from the start. But the incident between them happened while the actors were filming one of their sketches, in which Foxx was playing one of his iconic characters, “Wanda.” In the sketch, Foxx’s character was giving Davidson’s character a massage, however, Davidson claims Foxx took improvising too far when he began pulling Davidson’s underwear. The “The Proud Family” actor says Foxx was trying to take them off and leave him naked.

Jamie Foxx vs Tommy Davidson

The actor says that Foxx was lucky because if he wasn’t lying down, then he would have sat up and “bust him in his mouth, saying, ‘What the f–k, motherf–ka!’” Davidson says Foxx’s only reason for pulling the stunt was just to get a laugh at his expense. And while Davidson acknowledges that Foxx is a talented actor, he notes that he was also “competitive,” and his humor was “mercilessly mean.” Davidson claims that once Foxx realized that he could get cool points from the show’s creator “KeenanIvoryWayans,” he became fair game for Foxx’s jokes and cruel humor.

Fast-forward to 1997, when the two come back together to star “Booty Call,” Davidson says nothing had changed. Davidson wrote that Foxx refused to understand the purpose of “supporting actor” and “was determined to steal every scene he could.” But the last straw for Davidson was when the two were playing a game of pickup basketball. Foxx was allegedly trash-talking the entire time but ended up losing the game 9-0. Davidson says he went up for a layup, and Foxx went in to charge him.

“If I had hit my head on the hardtop concrete, that would have been the end of me,” he writes. “I was ready to give Jamie some street-fighting lessons too, but the crew pulled us off each other and held me back.” Today, Davidson says he hopes Foxx is a changed man. “Maybe [Foxx is] a better person now. I would like to believe he is.” His memoir will be available for purchase on January 28.

Tommy Daivdson and Jamie Foxx

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