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(continuing from last weeks article)

As you lead him into the bedroom, by his tie, he’s going to see the candles, restraints and all those other goodies in the previous blog. (If you haven’t read it, go read it & come back, k?) More than likely he’s thinking these toys are going to he used on you, but you have other plans. *insert devious smirk here*

Instruct your “him” to take his clothes off, ALL, even those socks dammit! If he hesitates to undress or wants you to do it for him, I want you to look him in his eyes and sternly say with a scowling look, “Im running this. So do as I say or I’m walking away.” Now this may not work and he might test you, it’s the power exchange, he’s the male and he’s in charge in the bedroom. If he gets smart and tells you to do it, tell him “Oh, ok.” and start to walk away. You won’t get very far ladies. Feel free to call him a sucker in your head lol.

When he finishes undressing, push him on to the bed and straddle him. Lean towards his ear, whisper sensually and tell him that there are two rules that he MUST follow and if he doesn’t he’ll be punished.

Rule #1. You must do everything I say
Rule #2. You can not touch me.
Nibble on his earlobe after those rules.

Remember those under the bed restraints I told you to get and place under the mattress? Well let’s get him all tied up shall we? As you’re straddling him take one of his wrists and place it in the restraint, reassure him that he’ll be ok and to trust you then kiss him gently on the lips. Now straddle him the opposite way and lean over enough to expose your ass to him and place his ankles in the restraints. You might be wondering why not put his other wrist into restraints, well honey, he’s going to touch you and that means he’s going to be punished.

Turn back, facing him, still straddling and grab a lighted candle. He might be nervous, tell him to trust you and remind him of rule #1. Bite his bottom lip and tell him this may burn a bit. Pour the wax from the candle gently on to his chest, then blow it cool. It won’t leave marks, trust me. I want you to repeat the process on his chest, stomach and thighs. Dangle the candle as if you were to pour it over his genitalia and I’m sure objecting will start…LOUDLY, tell him again he agreed to the rules so shut up (stern voice). As you get ready to pour the wax, pull the candle back and with no hands take his member into your mouth. A couple of deep throating action should calm him down. Just a TEASE ladies, he’s not getting the whole thing.

Seductively crawl to him and kiss him, throw some tongue in there. Now stand up over him legs apart, I’m sure your p***y is dripping wet by now, slide off your panties, look down at him and say “Bon appetit”, sit on his face and tell him you’re not getting up til he makes you f***ing cum! While he’s pleasing you orally, feel free to lightly scratch his thighs as you lean back.

After a successful face ride, slide back down to his throbbing member take it in your mouth, til it’s nice and hard then sit on it. While riding him, slap his face lightly and ask him whose d**k is this? If you’re not satisfied with his enthusiasm make the slap heavier gradually. You can also choke him, get vulgar, bite his shoulder, etc anything to inflict pain. When he starts moaning or telling you to chill out, take those cum stained panties and stuff them in his mouth and remind him who runs this, while grabbing his chin.

If at ANY point he touches you and he will, grab your paddle and hit him soft to medium hard swats on the outside of his thighs and remind him who’s charge.

Upon successful orgasms, climb off of him, get off the bed, lightly slap his face a few times while saying, “what a good little sex you are.” Unrestrain his ankles, throw him a rag and tell him to clean himself up and walk away smiling and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

I know you’re hot and bothered while reading this blog, so that means you need to make this happen. Let me know how it turns out! This is MizCaramelVixen, your fetishologist. Enjoy, explore and leave those inhibitions at the door!

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