Tony The Closer Accuses Fellow Real Estate Mogul Jay Morrison Of Allegedly Scamming Him Out Of $100,000

#TonyTheCloser is accusing #JayMorrison of allegedly scamming him out of $100,000.

Jay Morrison and Tony the Closer are well-known real estate gurus that were allegedly supposed to collaborate on a real estate event last year. According to Tony, Morrison came up with the idea to do a $100,000 giveaway. However, two weeks before the event was supposed to take place, Morrison allegedly breached their contract. Now, Tony claims Morrison has since held onto over $50,000 in sales from tickets and along with his half of the $100,000 giveaway.

“Jay Morrison partnered with me in a real estate event last year and breached contract two weeks before the event in which he came up with an idea to do 100,000 giveaway. Since the event he has held onto over 50,000 in sales from tickets and also never gave up his half of the 100,000 giveaway,” Tony tells Baller Alert. Tony ended up discussing the issue during an appearance on a podcast.

“Man, I been beefing with everybody man. One of the things right now, real talk, I see a lot of people in the community. Man, we all. It’s a lot of that Black on Black sneak-dissing. You know we all supposed to be uplifting each other right now,” Tony said.  It’s supposed to be a revolution right? But then we got like people that’s got these platforms. Like the guy Jay Morrison. Dude stole money from me. They using they platform for the wrong reasons. Impacting people in the community in the wrong way Yeah, like 50 plus K.”

He continued: “When you got people that got that influence, right? You supposed to honor that influence because people look up to you. You know what I’m saying? Like, when you get in the position that you got the youth looking at you and saying, ‘Hey man, this dude overcame some sh*t,’ you supposed to live by a certain code.“ Tony revealed screenshots allegedly between him and Morrison that show his attempts to recollect his money. After numerous tries, Tony took the matter to social media. Now, he says the Morrison has blocked him. “Imagine investing almost $10,000 into a person and when you ask about your money you get blocked,” he wrote on an Instagram post.

The two issues appear to have been a back and forth battle, at least since January. On January 30, Morrison took to Instagram with a picture of him and his and his wife on their wedding day with a caption that seemingly addressed his troubles with Tony.

“TEACHING MOMENT: Marriage is suppose to be sacred and the Black woman RESPECTED & PROTECTED by not just her’s but ALL Black men…There is a man in the community (no tags, no names needed) who has a history of domestic violence against 3 different Black women, who I never judged but who I disassociated my brand with because of his ongoing professional immaturity, flaring temper and emotional instability who apparently thought it was ok to attack my wife online to get my attention. Solutions: He simply could have sent me an email personally or through proxy, text my phone directly, OR pulled up to my office like a REAL man needing a real resolution,” Morrison wrote. “But resolution isn’t the goal, it’s attention. I have NEVER avoided any communication or dodged any resolution attempts from him or anyone. But a private resolution would mean NO attention and NO CLICK BAIT using that powerful MORRISON name to get eyes on your brand. So he thought it “thorough” and COURAGEOUS to harass and troll a Black Woman, my Queen. So I sent him a private invite as a precursor to this post to come meet me in person and I even offered to cover his travel cost. I’m not going back and forth, I’m grown. But this harassment will cease expeditiously. An online feud is for teenage boys, an injunction law suit is a waste of my family’s money and taking it to the streets or pushing a button wouldn’t be me leading by example. HOWEVER, me staying silent would be me breaking my duty to God and my wife who I vowed to protect.”

Since then, a page by the name #FalseProfitz has also accused Morrison of being deceitful, capitalistic, and faking his way to “becoming a real estate mogul.” Tony maintains his stance in the matter, and even appears to have looked into Morrison’s financial history and learned that he allegedly was sued by a man over alleged scams. He also claims Morrison has been ripping off women he was involved with.

“N*gga ya stole from me I got 200 dms of people who never got they money back then you stole from another partner over $500,000 and filed bankruptcy to avoid paying  Smut all on your jacket Jermaine Morrison v Avant y’all google it then tell me what you think. Dude teaching wealth building and real estate and just purchased his 1st home man gtfoh SCAMMER!” The matter is still ongoing.

Tony The Closer and Jay Morrison

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