Too $hort Responds To People Calling Him A ‘Colorist’ After Backlash From Comments He Made During Instagram Live With Saweetie

Rapper Too $hort is speaking out after people called him a colorist for comments he made during a sit-down with Saweetie.

During a 2020 Instagram Live, Saweetie and Too $hort spoke on a variety of topics, and one, in particular, was about their experiences as Bay Area natives. The Bay is well-known for its population of all backgrounds of people, and many come from mixed-race families. As Too $hort was talking to Saweetie, he mentioned that he loves “interracial relationships.”

“I love interracial relationships,” said $hort in the 2020 conversation. “Do you like interracial relationships?” Saweetie questioned. In response, Short said, “I’m from the Bay, does that answer that?” Short then went on to say that his favorite women are mixed race. “Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that isn’t mixed,” Short continued.

His statements raised eyebrows online, with many calling his statements colorist. “Disappointed in your recent colorist comments OG, hopefully we can have an educative discussion,” one person said in the comments.

Eventually, $hort made another video apologizing for his words, TMZ reports. “I would like to apologize to anybody that’s offended by my words. I am from the Bay Area, I come up in the Bay,” said Short. “The whole racial thing to me has never been a factor in my circles.”

He continued: “In the Bay, there are a lot of mixed cultures and mixed people. It was like that long before I got there. I’m not really into the whole hatred of ‘I hate you because you’re light, or your the best because you’re dark. I’m just not really into that. I love my Blackness. I love my family.”

He also took to his Instagram to explain his comments. “I seen what’s going on with my name,” $hort began. “Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, if you got offended by what I said, I apologize to those who offended. But, at the same time, I can’t let you dictate who I am. I can’t let you put words in my mouth, and say that ‘Too $hort, Todd Shaw, hates Black women. Todd Shaw thinks that mixed babies are more beautiful than Black babies.’ I don’t think that.”

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