Name a Cockroach After Your Toxic Ex at the Toronto Zoo This Valentine's Day

Name a Cockroach After Your Toxic Ex at the Toronto Zoo This Valentine’s Day

Just about anyone with a toxic ex, including tree huggers and nature lovers, will like Toronto zoo’s new initiative.

The new update allows zoogoers to name cockroaches.

Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a day for love and relationships. However, if you are going through a breakup like many, you may want to name a cockroach after your ex.

“Roses are red, violets are blue… Is there someone in your life that’s bugging you? Give them goosebumps this Valentine’s Day by naming a cockroach in their honour,” the Wildlife Reservancy said.

A minimum donation of $25 at the zoo will allow naming a cockroach after anyone you know or simply any name you want.

Kelsey Godel, donor stewardship and engagement coordinator, told the Star in an email that the initiative started because they “recognize that Valentine’s Day isn’t fun for everyone and was inspired by a few Zoos (sic) in the U.S. that have held similar fundraisers.”

“You can name a roach after your boss, ex-friend, relative, or anyone else that has been ‘bugging’ you,” Godel added.

Those who donate will receive a certificate with your name and the cockroach’s name. You can also gift a certificate to anyone, letting them know you named a cockroach after them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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