Tory Lanez Could Face More Than 22 Years In Jail

Tory Lanez Could Face More Than 22 Years In Jail Over “High Level Of Callousness” Towards Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez could be facing more than 22 years in jail.

According to journalist Meghan Cuniff, prosecutors filed a new motion seeking a longer prison sentence for the rapper after they concluded that there were aggravating factors in the Megan The Stallion shooting.

The filing states Lanez “demonstrated a high level of callousness” in firing at Megan Thee Stallion “without any justifiable provocation or reason.”

Prosecutors say the “Victim was dressed in only a bikini, shoeless and on foot in a neighborhood completely foreign to her. It was late at night. She was unarmed and completely defenseless.” They say Tory Lanez “posed a significant danger to everyone (witnesses and neighbors) in the vicinity of this shooting.”

The motion adds, “The brazenness of Defendant’s conduct is alarming, but the conscious disregard for the well-being and safety of all those around him signifies a high degree of indifference for human life.”

According to reports, Lanez’s callousness toward Megan and the severe physical harm he inflicted on her, his use of a semi-automatic weapon, and Megan’s susceptibility as a victim are cited by the prosecution as three factors that they claim make Lanez’s crimes more severe and support a longer sentence in prison.

Although the prosecution has not yet suggested a sentence, they are anticipated to do so in documents submitted before June 6.

Judge David Herriford of the Los Angeles County Superior Court is scheduled to sentence Tory Lanez on June 13.

The “victim went through physical therapy for several months, received stitches, and was in significant pain,” prosecutors wrote. “Victim testified that she continues to suffer from nerve damage and experience soreness, particularly when she has to perform as part of her work.”

The filing states that the great bodily harm aggravating factor could also involve callousness.

“As the victim began to walk away from Defendant wearing only a bikini and no shoes, Defendant mocked Victim with ‘Dance B*tch as [he] opened fire in her direction. With no justifiable reason, Defendant fired not just one but up to five rounds in the direction of Victim in the middle of a residential neighborhood,” prosecutors said.

In relation to the firearm aggravator, the prosecution said, “Immediately after the shooting, the gun was found at [Lanez’s] feet, warm to the touch and in a slide lock position, indicating Defendant had fired every round from that gun.”

Additionally, the prosecution emphasizes Megan’s defenseless victim status and claims she was unaware that Tory was carrying a loaded gun.

The filing states, “She was afforded no opportunity and was in no position to defend herself, find cover, or shield herself in any way. Besides an argument in the car, there was no justifiable provocation or event that would have signaled to her that Defendant would have fired a gun at her, not just once but five times. Victims was taken entirely by surprise. Given the surrounding circumstances, she was particularly vulnerable.”

If a judge agrees with prosecutors, according to Meghan thee Reporter, he can legally sentence Lanez to more than the maximum of 22 years and eight months.

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