Twitter Reacts To Tourists Visiting The Bronx After Seeing Iconic Stairs Scene In “Joker”

Tourists and social media influencers are flooding the Bronx after an iconic scene featuring the infamous NY stairs in the new hit movie “Joker.”

A set of stairs in the Bronx borough of New York has been getting a lot of visitors since the release of the dramatic film #Joker, which tells the origin story of iconic #Batman villain “The Joker.” The influx of tourists comes from the film’s pivotal scene, in which Joker dances as he’s walking down the staircase.

And while, the attention is all fun and games, real-life Highbridge residents are hoping the newfound spotlight will bring change to the community and not just gentrification. “Philly should not be the only city in the United States with famous stairs,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. Many said their favorite part of the film was the stair scene. “My favorite part was the stairs,” said Max Maroe visiting from Las Vegas. “I wanted to see it, and we realized it’s in New York, so we came here, just took an Uber, and now we’re here,” he said.

Diaz also highlighted that community could use some financial assistance. “Many of our step streets in the city of New York are located here in the Bronx,” said Diaz. “But they really cost a lot of money, and they need a lot of help and a lot of repairs, and hopefully the attention that they’re getting because of ‘Joker’ and because of Hollywood now, the city of New York will invest in these steps.”

And everyone online is having a field day taking photos.

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