Toxic Mothers vs. Absent Fathers, The Conversation We Continue To Avoid

Deadbeat fathers have always been the topic of conversation when it comes to raising children and being able to provide for them alone.

Although we know they exist, why doesn’t anyone talk about toxic mothers and the effects that it has on their children that eventually carries over to adulthood. It’s one thing for a dad to become nonexistent knowing that he has children, but when a mother’s toxic behavior hurts the child mentally, physically, and emotionally, it brings a different type of hurt and pain.

Don’t get me wrong, a deadbeat dad can hurt a child in the same way, but when the mother reacts off of the dad being absent and takes it out on the child, it is absurd. In no way or form did the child ask to be born.

Now that there is so much resentment towards the father, everything the child does irritates the mother. Rather than showing the child love and affection, these toxic mothers continue to tear them down.

As mothers, we are supposed to uplift, protect, motivate, and do whatever it takes for our children to be successful. We cannot continue to allow the absence of the father to determine the outcome of our children’s future.

The toxic behaviors last a lifetime and carries over into adulthood. Now, the child grows up with the same toxic behavior, and it shows in their relationships.

Parents have to do better. If we want to see a change, we must do what’s in the best interest in the child. They should never hear the parents bad talking the other parent or telling the child you wish they were never born. Words hurt like hell.

These children will grow up resenting you and will eventually love you from a distance. Can you blame them?

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