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Tracy Morgan Jokes About His 2014 Near-Fatal Car Crash With A Walmart Employee: “I Made Those Motherf*ckers Change They Whole Fleet Of Trucks”

Tracy Morgan is finding humor in his near-fatal crash.

The comedian sustained critical injuries during the 2014 accident when a tractor-trailer driven by a Walmart employee collided with his limousine van. This incident led to a chain reaction involving six vehicles and tragically resulted in the death of James McNair, a dear friend and creative partner of Morgan.

Following the incident, Morgan took legal action against Walmart, citing negligence. Eventually, the company settled for an undisclosed sum in the millions. During a performance at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre as part of a new stand-up special called “Max,” the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member humorously referenced the retail giant and openly discussed the financial outcome of the settlement.

“Walmart took care of me. Walmart gave me a grip. They gave me so much money I could roll my eyes at White people,” Morgan joked.  “I mean, I made those motherf*cker change they whole fleet of trucks. The outside mirror now says, ‘n*ggas may appear closer than seems.’

He continued, “They think they done paying me, but we’ll see. Also, I get f*cked up in four years, they’re going to hear from my attorney. ‘Tracy tried to f*ck a Doberman pinscher, and we want $5 million. The dog want $2 million for pain and suffering.’”

Towards the end of his comedy special, Morgan wrapped up with a segment focusing on influencers who offer advice on achieving greater life success. During this part, he revisited humorously the topic of the accident once more.

“Bullsh*t,” he said. “Look at me. I had my first son at 17. OK. I dropped out of high school. My father died of AIDS. I sold crack. I got arrested a few times. And, on top of all of that sh*t, I got hit by a f*cking Walmart truck. That’s it. Now, I’m not telling nobody to drop out of high school and not get they education and get hit by a WalMart truck. But look how your boy turned out.”

“Taking It Too Far” debuted on August 17 and is currently available for streaming on Max.

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