Houston Rapper Trae Tha Truth Offering Help To Those In Need Near Houston

In a time of desperation, Houston’s own rapper and philanthropist, Trae Tha Truth, is once again coming to the rescue of those in need.

Currently, millions of people in Houston have little to no water pressure due to the winter storm, and food and water are in short supply as many are struggling with major power outages. Many shops, businesses, and restaurants are closed due to the power outage, making it difficult for people to re-stock or purchase food.

With plans to give out food to communities without power, Trae The Truth has stepped up. He is asking that restaurants in the area contact him if they are open so that he can continue to purchase more food from other facilities.

On his Instagram page @traeabn, he has a few postings offering services for those in need and providing updated information. In his last post, he says, “So many that need help, Help Us To Help Them….We will Pay For it, we don’t need it for free, We Just Want To Help those who can’t help themselves right now…”

If you or someone else are in need near the Houston area, please feel free to hit him up; he is willing to do the best that he can.




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