When Tulum Won't Do: Summer Travel Alternatives That May Surprise You

When Tulum Won’t Do: Summer Travel Alternatives That May Surprise You

It’s vacation time, and many of us are planning where we want to go, which will leave some destinations overcrowded and overpriced.

Many destinations are typical for summertime travel, like Tulum, Cancun, Paris, Montego Bay, and more. And while they’re popular for a reason, it’s really the same reason some feel the need to choose an alternative. Luckily, many hidden gems offer the same type of vibes.

Below is a list of alternatives to choose from when it comes to certain destinations that will make lasting impressions too.

Swap Tulum for Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is a Mexican hidden gem. Located a few hours from Cancun, it’s a tiny island that travelers haven’t bombarded. This alone makes it ideal for those that want a quieter vibe around perfect blue waters. Another perk is that half the island consists of protected jungles, leaving the half made specifically for tourists.

Travelers can get to the island by flying into the Cancun Airport, taking land transportation to Puerto de Chiquila–a two to three-hour ride–and then catching a 20-minute ferry.  

Try Fine Dining in Quebec Instead of France

If French culture is on your list and France isn’t ideal, why not try Quebec? The destination is a province of Canada and offers the beautiful French language, laissez-aller culture, and a lot of unpasteurized cheese, baguettes, and croissants. But what’s worth noting is that it tends to be a shorter and cheaper flight with less expensive hotels.

Sail in La Paz Instead of Cabo

Located just two hours from the buzzing Cabo. La Paz offers authentic Mexican feels that people can enjoy. It boasts of culture and beautiful scenery. Travelers can still swim with whale sharks, dive with sea lions, or watch whales up close, so there is no getting the short end of the stick by choosing La Paz. The destination has much to offer, like Mexico’s other popular locations, just in a more laid-back style.

Sip Wine in Santa Ynez Valley Instead of Napa 

If wine tasting and vineyards are your thing, then Santa Ynez Valley is an excellent alternative to Napa Valley. Since Napa Valley is a tourist hotspot for these types of things, it can get pretty pricey. But Santa Ynez is a budget-friendly option. The destination is just two hours north of downtown Los Angeles and is home to a vast array of wine-based attractions. In fact, the region has more than 120 wineries where visitors can spend time sipping delicious drinks under the sun. And lodging tends to be cheaper than in Napa Valley.

Snorkel in Bimini Instead of Nassau

It seems like no matter where you go in the Bahamas; it’s a win. But when most people think of the location, they think about Nassau. And although it has a lot to offer, the destination has become overcrowded and expensive. But luckily, the Bahamas has a hidden gem just 50 miles from the south of Florida. Despite its proximity to the U.S., visitors still get a sense that they’re far, far away. The Caribbean island thrives with authentic experiences you won’t find on any other Bahamian island. And it’s affordable accommodations make it ideal for travelers compared to Nassau.

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