Travel Tips For Those Long-Haul Flights This Summer

Travel Tips For Those Long-Haul Flights This Summer

It’s travel time! Summer is approaching, so airports will be bustling with travelers found near, far, and in between. While these helpful inflight tips are for extra-long flights in mind, they’re also beneficial for any flight.

Prepare ahead of time.

This could mean buying your favorite snacks or downloading good playlists or movies. Whatever it is, plan and prep ahead of time. It’s best to check in early and arrive on time. Rushing around before a last-minute trip leaves you anxious and mentally and physically exhausted.

Dress comfortably.

Loose-fitting clothes (with pockets) and warm socks make for a good airplane ride. Also, think about layers. If you get too hot, you can remove some clothing. It’s not fun sitting on an airplane cold and uncomfortable.

Use Airline miles.

If you’ve been collecting airline miles, now is the time to use them. Using miles for upgrades can be very rewarding on a long flight. Why not splurge on a full-reclinable seat in first class?

Don’t overdo the carry-ons.

There is nothing worse than lugging around too much stuff through the airport. Granted, you’ll need more things on a long-haul flight than on a short one; you still don’t have to overdo it. Think necessities and simplicity.

Catch a flight around your bedtime.

If you catch a red-eye flight, chances are your body will be ready to wind down. It’s a little tricky flying for an extended period in the middle of the afternoon when your body is used to being up. Catch a flight when your body is used to sleeping.

Or-Use the time to be Productive.

If sleeping isn’t your thing, now could be the time to catch up on some things you haven’t gotten around to. Maybe you have a book you’ve wanted to read or emails you need to tend to. A long flight gives you the chance to catch up on some things.


Because what else are you going to do?


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