Treach Says Funk Flex Is Banned, Writes Diss Track On Behalf Of Tupac

Treach Says Funk Flex Is Banned, Writes Diss Track On Behalf Of Tupac

Last week, Funkmaster Flex made headlines when he accused Tupac Shakur of lying about who shot him in 1994, leading to Notorious B.I.G’s murder. According to Flex, Pac got into a beef he should have stayed out of and when he accidentally shot himself while trying to dislodge his weapon on that faithful day, the other side began shooting at him. Flex says that Notorious B.I.G was not involved in the ambush, however, because Tupac was afraid of the gang members who really shot at him, he blamed the Brooklyn rapper and called it a setup. Flex went on multiple rants on social media, eventually catching the eye of Treach who had a thing or two to say about the DJ’s actions.


First Treach addressed Funk Flex on Instagram, saying “You still got 2Pac on your stanking ass pussy pink lips huh, your No Go Zone has been stretched Coast 2 Coast fuck boy, you mad moist!! We on you bitch boy!”

He then sent a message to Pac, “Mourn you til I join you! No one will ever disrespect you on my watch!! Banned Worldwide, they play my brother, I’m that frontline warrior for more than 2 decades.”

Now, a week after his initial threat, Treach has dropped a diss track aimed at the Hot 97 DJ.

In the track titled “Whooh,” Treach does not mince words. He raps:

“Death to his soul, his turntables and motherf***ing old stinkin’ ass grandparents

‘Cause they old asses had a orgy with Lucifer

Now you got a date with death from a Naughty n***a that’s shootin’ ya”

Treach also reiterates that Funkmaster Flex is banned worldwide for disrespecting the dead. He tells TMZ,”Who the f**k is any DJ to talk about anybody who made your career by making hits for you to play? All you do is spin records, you dirty bag of ashy elbows!”

Listen to the track below:

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