Trevor Noah On Roger Stone’s Claims Of Excessive Force in Recent Arrest: ‘Look At What They Do To Young Black Kids’

Roger Stone “feels like Pablo [Escobar],” and Trevor Noah isn’t feeling it.

Robert Stone’s arrested was heard around the country, but he’s been making his complaints even louder. The Trump ally was arrested for the WikiLeaks scandal in his Florida home a few days ago. Instead of magnifying the obvious issue, there has been a focus on how “unnecessary” the force was. 

FBI agents dressed in full tactical gear to lock up the accused Stone, who, in his eyes, felt like the victim. In fact, he compared his arrest to that of El Chapo and Osama Bin Laden. He and many media platforms exaggerated how old the 66-year-old is and why so much force was uncalled for. But the sympathy act didn’t work on Noah.

The late-night comedian spoke on the topic during “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” calling Stone out for complaining about the same procedures he supported for “thugs.”

“How many years have black people been saying ‘police in America are extreme?’ The way they arrest people, the way they interact with citizens whey they’re taking them away, black people have been saying for a long time,” Noah said. 

“Every time black people say it, what do they say? What do they say on Fox News or on the Right? They say, ‘Well, that’s the law…They’re doing their jobs.'”

Meanwhile, minorities are expected to get over it because they shouldn’t have “gotten on the wrong side of the law.” With all  jokes aside, Noah ended the segment agreeing that police are too rough, but the only people to blame are the ones giving the orders “at the top.”

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