Trey Songz Responds To Sexual Assault And Kidnapping Claims After Controversial “No Jumper” Interview

Trey Songz Responds To Sexual Assault And Kidnapping Claims After Controversial “No Jumper” Interview

Trey Songz is addressing kidnapping and sexual assault claims.

Last night, a video clip from a recent No Jumper interview featuring Instagram socialite Celina Powell and her friend Aliza, went viral after Aliza began discussing the slew of celebrity men that she’s been involved with. Aliza opened up about her sexcapdades with basketball teams, rappers, and how she documents her experiences on her #OnlyFans. One of the celebs she mentioned having a sexual encounter with was singer-songwriter Trey Songz.

“I got peed on too. I didn’t know what happened; he just did it. He just did it,” Aliza said. Reluctant to say who she was talking about, Powell ended up urging her to mention his name. “F*ck. Trey Songz. I don’t give a f*ck, fuck him. I don’t give a f*ck, he blocked me,” said Aliza, as she then proceeds to explain the entire situation. “Okay, so I go to the bathroom to wipe the n*t off my face in between rounds, he follows me in there, and he’s like, ‘Get in the bathtub’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ So I do, and I’m like laying down, and he’s like standing over me j*cking off. And he’s like, ‘Play with your pussy,’ and I’m like, ‘okay,’ and I do. He’s like, ‘Play with your tits,’ so I do. And then he literally just peed on me. And I was like, ‘What the f*ck, on my eyelashes?’ And he said, ‘You’re fine.’”

Aliza added that Songz has already voiced his concerns over her speaking about their relationship, but then she mentioned that every girl she has spoken to that was involved sexually with Songz, has said the same thing. She then said that Songz even tried to take her phone to stop her from leaving. “I think he’s psycho. He took my phone and my purse for a whole day and held it over the balcony and was like, ‘If you try to leave, I’m gonna drop this s***.’ He did the same thing to [Celina Powell]….and I kept asking, ‘When can I leave? What time is it?’ And he wouldn’t answer, and he’d just ignore me. He said ‘You can leave when I go to my flight,’ and I’m like ‘Okay, when’s that?’”

To piggyback off what Aliza was saying, Powell shared that Songz allegedly raped her. “I used to think that everyone lied on rappers because you see that #KodakBlack raped people, #21Savage raped people—allegedly. Allegedly all these girls are saying they got raped by like #Usher—until it happened to me.” Adam, the podcast host, then questioned Powell about who raped her, and she said Songz did.
By Wednesday morning, Songz’s name was a top trending topic on Twitter. In response, the singer posted a text conversation between him and Aliza with a caption saying, “Y’all stay ready to believe a bird.” He added, “I usually stay quiet on this, but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up as they seek to destroy someone’s life.” He continued: “I brush it off everytime, but once you have an allegation no matter it’s true weight in validation, it’s now happened once and to some will be believable from that moment forward. None of that happened.”


Powell hit Songz back with some tweets of her own. “Wow. Woke up to this trending.. for two years now i tried to block this off but fuck it .. let’s talk. April 6th, @ TreySongz, you forced me to do something’s & threw my phone off the balcony, refused to let me & another younger girl go. I’m used to being treated like shit. (PART1).” She then posted a picture of a police report as alleged proof that Songz violated her. “My case is now public record . Someone go get the report. Read it and weap. I didn’t lie about jack shit. Police & lawyers were involved.”

One of the first to speak out about Songz’s alleged misconduct was actress and singer #KekePalmer. “First of all, I love Black people. I love my people. And I’m not gone try to ever try to tear nobody down, tear no Black man down. That’s not who I am,” Palmer said. ”That’s not what I stand for. That’s not what I am about. So if I say something, I’m saying something for a reason. And I feel like so many times Black women say stuff and nobody gives a sh*t. Excuse my language; nobody gives a f*ck when sometimes Black women say something. But somebody of another complexion, somebody of another color, they say something and then it’s like, ‘We’re taking this to court, it’s time to get serious. #MeToo.”

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