Tristan Thompson Not Listed As Father On Newborn Son’s Birth Certificate

According to TMZ, Tristan Thompson did not sign the birth certificate of his first born child, Prince Thompson, with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig.


Jordy C gave birth to Prince Thompson on December 12. According to TMZ, Jordy is listed as the child’s mother, while the other parent is blank.


Jordan gave birth in Los Angeles and in California, the father must be present in order for his name to be listed on the birth certificate. Though I’m sure government offices were closed during the holidays, that still would have left sufficient time for the certificate to be signed beforehand. California allows for the father’s name to be added at a later date, so let’s hope that maybe Tristan was just a little busy and he’s going to come back to it. In the meantime, he can have some bonding time with his new little tyke. TMZ says that Tristan wants to be involved in his child’s life, and that Khloe supports this, so maybe it was just an oversight.



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