Tristan Thompson Requests Gag Order in Latest Paternity Case

Tristan Thompson Requests Gag Order in Latest Paternity Case

Tristan Thompson is trying his best to keep the proceedings of his latest paternity case under wraps.

Tuesday, the NBA star filed an emergency petition asking a Texas judge to issue a gag order in the case, which would prevent him and his alleged child’s mother, Maralee Nichols, from speaking out about the case.

Thompson is also accusing Nichols of violating the court’s confidentiality order in their paternity battle. Court documents obtained by TMZ claim Nichols has been speaking to media, leaking personal information and even taking to social media to spread lies. He specifically claims Nichols fabricated the Snapchat messages that surfaced last week.

“Respondent MARALEE NICHOLS has alerted the media, among other things, as follows: (1) that she alleges TRISTAN TREVOR THOMPSON fathered her child, (2) that there are competing lawsuits in Texas and California to determine paternity of her child, (3) about specific information contained in court pleadings, and (4) about numerous other factual allegations made by her in this paternity dispute, including purported snapchat messages from TRISTAN TREVOR THOMPSON to MARALEE NICHOLS.”

The NBA player believes it has been Nichols’ “intention all along to try to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself in this lawsuit.”

As previously reported, Nichols alleges that Thompson is the father of the child she’s currently carrying.

She has filed two cases in Texas and California for child support.

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