Tropicana To Release Cereal Made For Orange Juice Instead Of Milk

Tropicana To Release Cereal Made For Orange Juice Instead Of Milk

For the lactose-intolerant folks of the world who still want to enjoy cereal, Tropicana has developed a new cereal that is meant to be paired with orange juice instead of milk.

According to the company, the new Tropicana Crunch, made of honey almond clusters,  is not for dairy products or the close-minded. While this idea may appear far-fetched to some, the company conducted a study that found 15 million Americans have tried orange juice in their cereal instead of milk. Citing such a large number, Tropicana decided that the combo was well worth trying. 

“More than one in three who tried it did so because they love OJ and thought it would be a good combination,” Tropicana said in an email to Thrillist.

The timing of the cereal is impeccable, coinciding with National Orange Juice Day, which falls on May 4th. Tropicana Crunch will arrive on the official website the same day. For users bold enough to try the exciting combo, we suggest the pulp-free Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice. If you’re in the mood for something a little more festive, the Tropicana Caribbean Sunset Drink, which combines OJ with pineapple and cherry flavors, is a good substitute.


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