Troy Ave Doubles Down On Self-Defense Claims, Taxstone Calls Cap From Behind Bars
Troy Ave (Instagram)

Troy Ave Doubles Down On Self-Defense Claims, Taxstone Calls Cap From Behind Bars [Video]

Troy Ave is once again speaking out about the deadly shooting that left his bodyguard dead and his rival, Taxstone, behind bars.

The “All About the Money” rapper joined Math Hoffa on his “My Expert Opinion” podcast, where he discussed the infamous May 2016 shooting at the Irving Plaza concert venue in Manhattan. During his sit down, he maintained that he acted in self-defense to protect himself against a “hater” who killed his friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

“But what the media shows is me shooting. I never denied that’s me. What I’m saying is I took that gun from a hater. I ain’t brought no guns in the club,” he explained. 

“Banga” was killed during the mayhem, which initially started when Troy and Taxstone got into a scuffle. Though surveillance video shows Troy shooting into a crowd and the gun was found in his possession afterward, authorities determined that the weapon he was seen firing belonged to Taxstone and was the same one that killed Banga. In 2017, Taxstone was charged with Banga’s murder. Troy was also charged with attempted murder and criminal weapons possession charges and has been free on bond for several years. He has always stuck to his story that he wrestled the gun away from Taxstone after he killed Banga. The rapper-turned-businessman has confirmed that he will likely take the stand against Taxstone in the forthcoming murder trial. While that is not news to him, the former podcaster took to Twitter to express his thoughts about Troy once again dragging his name through the mud. He even accused the entire “My Expert Opinion” podcast of using his “name for views.”

Taxstone, who has been behind bars for six years, says Troy is the real murderer but is trying to take the heat off him. 

“If you got caught on camera shooting and you got caught with guns in your car, don’t lie on me to rid yourself of your mistakes,” he went on to tweet. 

As of now, Taxstone still doesn’t have a trial date, so there is no telling when the men will actually get to face off in court. 

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