Trump Administration Bans Recruitment of Transgender Troops, New Policy in Effect

The Pentagon implemented a new policy on Friday, denying the recruitment of Transgender troops in the armed forces. 

The controversial policy does not affect current troops who identify as Transgender but prohibits those diagnosed with gender dysphoria from joining. 

According to The Hill, recruits diagnosed with gender dysphoria will not be allowed to serve, unless “a doctor certifies they have been stable in their biological sex for 36 months, have not transitioned to the gender they identify with and are willing to serve in their biological sex.”

The Pentagon states that Transgender individuals are allowed to serve, but only in the event that they meet the physical standards of the sex they were assigned at birth.

This policy, approved by President Trump, comes less than three years after Former President Barack Obama lifted the ban on Transgender military service in 2016.

Pentagon official Anthony Kurta believes that the new policy isn’t discriminatory and expressed that “the department will continue to treat all individuals with dignity and respect, and every service member is able to express their gender identity. DOD will take no action solely based on gender identity.”

While the Pentagon maintains their position on the policy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of many Democrats in opposition of the Trump administration’s ban on Transgender recruitment.

According to CNN, Pelosi called the new policy “an act of cruelty” in a speech on the House floor. 

“The men and women who step forward to serve in the US military are patriots, all of them,” said Pelosi.

“The House will continue to fight this discriminatory action, which has no place in our country,” the California Democrat said. “We will never allow hate and prejudice to dictate our national security.”

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