Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Announces Second Term Aggressive Immigration Plan

Donald Trump is not a fan of immigrants—other than his wife Melania—and if he’s elected for a second term, he’s going to work on his aggressive immigration agenda.

Trump’s plans are significantly different from his opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. According to Trump’s adviser Stephen Miller, Trump wants to limit asylum, target “sanctuary cities,” expand the travel ban, and cut work vistas, NBC News learned during a 30 minute phone interview with the adviser.

The goal is to “raise and enhance the standard for entry to the United States,” Miller added.

Luckily, some of the agenda is required to go through legislation, but unfortunately there are some plans that can be enacted through executive actions.

“In many cases, fixing these problems and restoring some semblance of sanity to our immigration programs does involve regulatory reform,” Miller, who also works on Trump’s reelection campaign, said. “Congress has delegated a lot of authority. … And that underscores the depth of the choice facing the American people.”

Trump’s team has relied on executive actions since there is no immigration bill, despite immigration being a top issue of Trump, but the focus as been on the coronavirus and the damaged economy.

Miller has been slammed for his cruel, racist, and anti-ethical immigration policy which he has spearheaded. In his defense, he says he wishes to protect the safety and wages of those in America.

If Trump is re-elected he will make on his efforts to push for a more aggressive agenda when it comes to immigration.

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