Donald Trump Allegedly Referred To Sidney Powell As ‘Crazy’ And Laughed At Her

In a new report published by Axios on Sunday night, Donald Trump reportedly referred to his lawyer Sidney Powell as “crazy.” Despite that, he still promoted her to his legal team.

In November, Trump took a call from Powell in the Oval Office that he placed on speakerphone for everyone in the room to hear. 

“Ugh, Sidney,” he reportedly said before answering. “She’s getting a little crazy, isn’t she? She’s really gotta tone it down. No one believes this stuff. It’s just too much.”

While Powell was going on about voter fraud, Trump laughed at her with his staff and goaded her on. He muted the call so he could laugh at her.

“So what are we gonna do about it, Sidney?” Trump said to her repeatedly, egging her on.

He was aware that Powell appeared unhinged, but in his desperation to overturn the election and beat Joe Biden, Trump didn’t care. She was willing to defending him, and that’s all that mattered. 

“Sometimes you need a little crazy,” Trump said, according to Axios.

In her legal challenges, Powell pedaled lies about election fraud and made false claims linked to QAnon conspiracies. The fact that she had no evidence to back up her claim in court didn’t matter either. 

Even Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, began distancing himself from Powell. He told people that she didn’t represent the president and spoke out against her conspiracy theories and paranoia. 

The Trump campaign cut ties with Powell in late November over her strange voter-fraud conspiracy theories. She is currently facing a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for more than $1.3 billion, according to NPR, over her “viral disinformation campaign.” Additionally, the suit claims she destroyed the value of the business. 

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