Trump Ignores Role As President Since Being Defeated By President Elect Joe Biden

Trump Ignores Role As President Since Being Defeated By President Elect Joe Biden

It’s not surprising that Donald Trump has ignored the tragedies taken place before his eyes. He’s stewing over his defeat of the election, which was all he ever cared about.

He’s said nothing about the six American service members who died in a helicopter crash while on a peacekeeping mission in Egypt or on Tropical Storm Eta that has ravished and caused severe flooding in North Florida. For the past several days, the new cases of COVID-19 have tallied to six-digit numbers, and the stock market is spiraling, but Trump has said nothing.

Instead, he sits somewhere in the White House, showing us exactly why he doesn’t belong there. As he hides behind the walls of the WH, he bombards us with his tweets of grievances, lies, and misinformation on the outcome of the election. As well as his anger-filled tweets on Fox News’s coverage of him.

Trump and his aids lay dormant. No brief reports have been given to reporters, and there’s been no reaction to the recent accusations made by the Democrats who say Republicans are risking a proper pandemic response by “refusing to accept reality” that Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 Presidential election.

According to The Washington Post, Trump has ignored his public duties while also leveraging the power of his office in an unlikely possibility to hold his position.

“It seems clear Trump has checked out,” said Norman Ornstein, a political scientist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute who has criticized Trump. “It’s not like this guy has shown a great interest in governing for four years, so to expect he will now accelerate the pace is a little fanciful. It’s pretty clear he feels wounded. Under those circumstances, the idea he’s going to pay more attention to the details of governance is ridiculous.”

But aides from the White House says Trump has not jumped shipped and pulled a list of executive actions he’s executed since Election Day. On Thursday, Trump ordered a ban on U.S. investments in Chinese military companies, an emergency declaration for the state of Florida following the storm damage, as well as several other presidential proclamations, one being the 245th celebration of the U.S. Marine Corps.

“Any suggestion that the President has given up on governing is false,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement. “Just as he promised, President Trump is fighting hard for a free and fair election while at the same time carrying out all of his duties to put America First.”

The spokesman also reassured that Trump was also busy putting together a “meaningful economic stimulus” to offer relief while we still fight the pandemic. However, the legislation appears to be non-existent at the Capitol.

A public schedule showed Trump had lunch with VP Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, so he hasn’t been all the way isolated, only from the public who could use his “leadership.”

Trump has also been called at by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a news conference, saying Trump and his GOP friends are causing “an absurd circus right now” all because of the election results. Adding that they are “shamefully pretending” that Trump can overturn the outcome, “making it even harder to address the massive health and economic crisis that we’re facing.”

The celebrity-in-chief has never been shy when it comes to being on camera. In fact, you can tell he loves it. But since November 3, the man who we use to couldn’t stop from getting on the camera has only addressed reporters twice since November 3. Those appearances came with his baseless claims that there was widespread voter fraud going on, assuring his fan base that he would pursue legal challenges in the states that mattered.

In his private time, we know he has spent two days golfing at his private golf club in Sterling, VA. But when it comes to his daily presidential duties on security briefing, well, that hasn’t been on his public calendar since early October.
And now the Trump administration is refusing to do what it is formally known to do when it’s time to step down, grant access to national security information to the next in line, in this case, that would be our 46th President, Joe Biden.
Instead of speaking on the tragic helicopter crash in Egypt, Trump sent out a series of tweets and retweets on the election and Fox News. He then gave a personal shout-out to actor Scott Baio who posted a craft store’s candle that read, “Trump is still your president.”

“Thank you, Scott, and stay tuned. You are terrific!” Trump wrote.

It was Joe Biden who gave public condolences to those who lost their lives. “I join all Americans in honoring their sacrifice, as I keep their loved ones in my prayers,” he wrote on Twitter in the early afternoon Thursday.

And as COVID-19 cases explode, Trump is being called upon to step up, at least until January 20th. After that, we promise, Trump can rant and rave all he wants on how you “legally” lost the election and any other acts of narcissism he partakes in. But for now, America needs leadership. If he has any muster of decency and patriotism, he would step up.

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