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Trump’s New Attorneys Once Represented Jeffrey Epstein & Roger Stone

The two newly appointed lawyers representing Donald Trump in his impeachment trial both have very eyebrow-raising pasts.

Several of Trump‘s lawyers bailed on him leading up to his February 9th trial. On Sunday, he announced that he’d be represented by Bruce Castor and David Schoen, who have represented high-profile, controversial clients in the past, including Jeffrey Epstein and Roger Stone.

In 2015, during his run for district attorney in Montgomery County, Pa, Bruce Castor Jr.’s campaign focused a lot on his decision not to charge Bill Cosby for sexual assault. After he lost, he sued one of Cosby’s victims for contributing to his loss. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2018.

Schoen is an Atlanta-based civil rights and criminal defense attorney who represented Roger Stone, a close friend of Trump who was convicted in 2019 of tampering with a witness and lying to Congress regarding his role in pursuing hacked Democratic emails during the 2016 election. He also held onto the theory that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was murdered instead of committing suicide in his cell in 2019.

“He just didn’t strike me as a guy who would commit suicide, but who knows, it’s always possible,” Schoen explained to The Post on Sunday. “I don’t think they had a medical basis [for the cause of death], but they also don’t have a killer.”

Nevertheless, both men are ready to take on the impeachment trial head-on.

“I’ve done constitutional litigation my entire career, and I think this case raised important constitutional questions,” Schoen told The Post of the forthcoming case. “I do feel honored to represent the [former] president of the United States and the Constitution.”

He later added he viewed the proceedings as being “unconstitutional.”

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