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Trump Jr. Thinks His Father Will Lose In November, NYT Source Says

According to a profile published by The New York Times, Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t believe his father will win re-election in the November presidential election. However, of course, a spokesperson for the younger Trump has denied the allegation.

The Times did not name their source, saying only that it was a Republican activist who is said to be in regular contact with Trump Jr. In fact, according to the publication, the source described Trump Jr. as the only one who believes Donald Trump will lose the election.

“‘We’re losing, dude, and we’re going to get really hurt when we lose,’” the source quoted Trump’s namesake saying.

According to the source, Trump Jr. believes that if his father loses, it will result in federal prosecution not only for the president but his family and political allies as well. He also reportedly told the source that it would probably not be a peaceful transition between the Trump administration and Joe Biden, saying Biden will “shoot
the prisoners.”

However, in a statement to Times, Trump Jr.’s spokesman said the claims were ”100 percent false.”

But with negativity surrounding the celebrity-in-chief’s news headlines, such as criminal investigations and criticism over his response to the coronavirus pandemic, he may not be too far off as Trump currently trails Biden in the national polls, according to Business Insider.

To date, despite recent claims, Trump Jr. has been a staunch supporter of his father in the public eye, sharing memes on his social media and actively tweeting misinformation about anyone who opposes his father on Twitter.

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