Trump Makes Over 20 False Or Misleading Claims As He Accepts Republican Nomination For President

Trump Makes Over 20 False Or Misleading Claims As He Accepts Republican Nomination For President

Unsurprisingly, Trump continues to speak on things that he and his team could easily fact check before doing so. That way, he wouldn’t find himself on CNN news for making a number of false or misleading claims.

While accepting his Republican nomination for president, Trump repeatedly lied to the public. According to CNN, the outlet counted more than 20 false, exaggerated or misleading claims from Trump Thursday night. And to make matters worse, the publication also counted numerous falsehoods by other speakers.

Trump’s lies touched on a range of topics, from the economy to his administration’s performance amid the coronavirus pandemic. But, his primary focus was to aim his egregious falsehoods on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Among the many remarks about his opponent, was the suggestion that Biden wanted to take down the border wall, an idea Biden has specifically rejected by saying he would only stop the construction of it.

It’s no surprise that Trump took time to claim things he’s never done in hopes of making himself look more appealing, he also claimed he passed Veteran’s Choice, a law that was actually signed by Obama in 2014. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

And it wouldn’t be a Trump rally if he didn’t boast about the economy’s employment, as he touted a “record” 9 million jobs gained within the past three months. However, he failed to mention the recorded 22 million job losses that took place before that.

While CNN admits there was a job gain, the economy is still down nearly 13 million jobs because of the crisis. Many of the jobs added were simply people returning to work after they were temporarily laid off.

Trump also took the time to address the most talked about topic, the coronavirus. Even though experts almost-collectively have said the US was fatally slow in its response to the pandemic, specifically slow in setting up adequate testing, Trump somehow still found it suitable to boast about the COVID testing system.

“We developed, from scratch, the largest and most advanced testing system in the world,” Trump said while adding that America has tested more than every other country in Europe put together and every nation in the Western Hemisphere combined.

But Trump’s claims are exaggerating and misleading. The US has been less successful and has never reached levels that satisfy public health experts. Trump’s own CDC director, Dr. Robert Refield, admitted the country missed 90% of cases with its testing efforts.

Elsewhere, Trump claimed the US “has among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country in the world.” Another lie. Although we are at 3.1%, we are still higher than Russia, which is 1.7%; Saudi Arabia, which is 1.2%; Israel, which is 0.8%; Norway, which is 2.5%; Japan, which is 1.9%.

At a time that racial tension is brewing in America, Trump again claimed he has done more for African American communities than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. However, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, Trump’s approval among Black citizens is at a whopping 4%. But regardless, it’s absurd for him to say Lincoln is the “possible” only exception to his claims as if President Lyndon B. Johnson didn’t sign the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, both monumental bills that have progressed Blacks.

These only brush the wide range of topics Trump spoke on. Check out his speech to hear all the others!

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