Trump Repealed Obama’s Fair Housing Rule In An Attempt To Gain Support From ‘Suburban Housewives Of America’

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According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump repealed an anti-segregation housing law that advocates fair housing on Thursday, claiming that it would lead to the “destruction” of America’s suburbs.

The Furthering Fair Housing rule, which former President Barack Obama implemented in 2015, was created to prevent segregation in housing projects that receive federal funding.

In a statement obtained by Business Insider, the White House said the repeal “ends the Federal enrichment on local communities that threatened our nation’s suburbs.”

The White House added that the replacement bill would assure that “localities will continue to certify that they will affirmatively further fair housing, as required by law.”

The new political move comes as Trump attempts to draw in more suburban white voters.

According to the news outlet, millions of suburban voters switched to the Democrat party after Republicans lost control of the House in 2018.

Along with reconstructing Obama’s housing policy, Trump continues to try to paint presidential election nominee Joe Biden as a threat to “the American way of life.”

In a recent tweet, Trump shared a link to New York Post op-ed titled “Joe Biden’s Disastrous Plans For America’s Suburbs.”

In the tweet, Trump called for the “Suburban Housewives of America” to read the article, further stating that “Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream. I will preserve it, and make it even better!”

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  1. You’re a piece of shit website that’s not why it was repealed! it was repealed so that people who are buying into the neighborhoods to have a safe neighbor can maintain that neighborhood! it’s not about american housewives or suburban housewives! Get off your a** and freaking earn it! I’m Native American our family had to get off the reservation.It shouldn’t just be given to you everybody has a right to that safe neighborhood We earn it!
    if you don’t like where you live get off their a** and fucn earn it! Then you can live there we shouldn’t have to have that in our neighborhoods your the freaking problem trying to turn this into something it’s not your website needs to be taken down.So tired of thise that want to act like everyone OWES THEM EVERYTHING. NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING. EARN IT!I GREW UP ESPECIALLY POOR.I DIDNT GET HAND OUTS

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