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Trump Says He Feels No Responsibility To Understand Anger Of Black Americans In New Woodward Book

It is the audacity for me.

How can the “leader” of America part his mouth to say he has no responsibility to understand the “anger and pain” felt by Black Americans? At a time when racial tension is at its peak for reasons that are transparent and logical.

It’s as if America’s headlining stories have not consisted of racial injustices and police brutality largely against Black Americans for the past several months, even consisting of cases that Trump himself has publicly addressed. Yet still, Trump candidly shared his true feelings on Black Americans in a portion of an 18-part interview with legendary journalist Bob Woodward.

According to NBC News, Trump told Woodward that he does not believe that because of his “white” privileged background, he owns the responsibility to understand the “anger and pain” felt among Black Americans, according to Woodard’s new book “Rage.”

The book, set for release on Tuesday, September 15, is based on a series of recorded interviews conducted by Woodard with Trump from December 2019, up until July 2020.

During a June 19 interview, Woodard, whose father was a lawyer and judge in Illinois, referenced the fact that he and Trump were white and privileged—he asked Trump if that had any effect on his thinking.

“Do you have any sense that that privilege has isolated and put you in a cave to a certain extent, as it put me and I think lots of white privileged people in a cave and that we have to work our way out of it to understand the anger and the pain, particularly, Black people feel in this country?” Woodward asked.

“No,” Trump responded. “You really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Just listen to you. Wow. No, I don’t feel that at all.”

Even Woodward described Trump’s tone as mocking and incredulous, according to the Washington Post. But Woodward still pressed Trump to recognize the plight of Black Americans who have endured a long battle of discrimination and inequality, still to this day. But Trump claimed, as he has publicly, that he has done more for Black people than any other president other than Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves.

On June 22, Woodward asked Trump if he thinks there is “systemic or institutional racism in this country.” His response shimmied away from a concrete answer as usual.” Well, I think there is everywhere,” Trump said, according to an audio clip. “I think probably less here than most places. Or less here than many places.”

Woodard asked again for a more affirmative answer, “OK. But is it here? In a way that it has an impact on peoples’ lives?”

“I think it is. And it’s unfortunate. But I think it is,” Trump responded.

However, Trump may give pushback on Black people’s issues because he lacks support among the Black community. In a conversation on July 8, he complained about that lack of support, and as we all know, if you don’t support Trump, he has an egotistical problem with it.

“I’ve done a tremendous amount for the Black community,” he told Woodward. “And, honestly, I’m not feeling any love.” He then shared “visceral reactions” with the journalist about prominent Democrats of color, including Sen. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the first term progressive from New York.

Once he saw a shot of Harris watching him deliver his State of the Union address, Trump reacted by saying, “Hate! See the hate! See the hate!” The Post said it was a similar reaction after Ocasio-Cortez appeared in the frame.

And as disrespectful as he gets, he couldn’t fight the urge to bring up forever President Barack Obama, whom he claims is not smart.

“I think he’s highly overrated. And I don’t think he’s a great speaker,” Trump told Woodward, adding that Korean leader Kim Jong Un thought Obama was “an a–hole.”

Be smart with your choice to vote, America.

trump for showerhead
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