Trump Has Finally Signed The Coronavirus Relief & Government Funding Bill

Additional government funding for coronavirus relief has been in the works for some time now, and finally, today, after a very lengthy delay, Trump has signed the bill into law.

Once passed by Congress, the bill was flown to Mar-a-Lago to await Trump’s signature, CNN reported. Trump’s signage on the bill was highly anticipated for Saturday, but the 2.3 trillion dollar bill was signed Sunday night.

For 11 weeks, the $900 billion COVID relief package will extend unemployment benefits for nearly 12 million Americans apart of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs.

According to CNN,  “all those collecting jobless payments will receive a $300 weekly federal boost through mid-March.”

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program has extended to those who are unable to work because of the pandemic — “family members are ill or quarantining or if their children’s schools are closed,” CNN reported.

Due to Congress not “striking a deal” until late December and Trump failing to sign the bill on Saturday, gaps in payments are expected.

It is likely ~12 million people will not see a paycheck the last week of the year.  It is also very likely “the $300 federal enhancement may only last 10 weeks instead of 11 weeks for most” due to state regulations.

Signage delay was mainly caused by Trump’s adamant efforts to increase the $600 direct payments currently in the bill to $2,000.

As an effort to work with Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested: “a standalone bill that would have boosted the amount for relief checks.” But, House Republicans objected due to financial concerns.

According to CNN, “the Democratic-led House is set to vote on the expansion of the direct payments on Monday.”





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