Trump Administration Left Supporters Out in the Freezing Cold After Omaha Rally

On Tuesday, Trump provided transportation to his rally in Omaha, Nebraska.  After his rally, his supporters were left in the freezing cold for hours after a rally at an airfield in Omaha, Nebraska. Many supporters walked three miles to shuttle buses and others were taken away in ambulances.

During the rally at Eppley Airfield, many supporters waited hours in long lines to get in and packed parking lots and busy crowds just to get out. Trump’s Air Force One departed the rally at around 9 p.m., crowds cleared out around 12:30 a.m.

According to a recording obtained by Broadcastify, at least 30 people were among those requiring medical attention after hours of waiting in the cold at the rally.

Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt tweeted, “Supporters of the president were brought in, but buses weren’t able to get back to transport people out. It’s freezing and snowy in Omaha tonight.”

Omaha Police Dispatcher 1129 said, “There’s an issue with a number of people unable to find their cars and wandering in the cold…see if we can’t get everybody reunited with a car.”

Omaha Police Dispatcher 1100 said, “I’ve got an elderly male that’s down ten blocks…having a hard time breathing right now.” While another officer said, “Subject says he’s about to pass out.”

The recordings say there were about “30 patient contacts” and 20 buses backed-up and causing jams as rally-goers had to be shuttled back to busy parking lots and exits. The dispatcher also mentioned that patients were being taken to Creighton University Medical Center.

Before the event, the Omaha Police Department warned on Twitter that “Parking at the TRUMP rally is full.”

Trump arrived at the rally wearing a heavy black coat and gloves. He said, “Is there any place you would rather be than a Trump rally on about a 10-degree evening?…It’s cold out here but that’s okay.” Rally-goers cheered as he pretended to close up his coat.

He told the crowd that he had been to Wisconsin and Michigan earlier on Tuesday where it was freezing and raining and he thanked his supporters for attending.

“I said I won’t put on a hat because I’m gonna show you how tough we are,” he said.

“It was pouring and it was freezing. It is the coldest right here, right? It is an honor to be with you, I have to say. When we win, you win, Nebraska wins and all of America wins.”

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