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Trump Says “Everybody Wanted The Vaccine” When He Was President

Former President Donald Trump says he would convince Americans to take the COVID-19 shot without mandates if he were still in office.

Trump sat down with television host and longtime friend Bill O’Reilly. During the interview, he insisted that he would do a better job than President Biden of getting citizens to take the vaccine without it being forced.

“I wouldn’t say to anybody, ‘You have to.’ But I would sell it,” Trump stated. He then went on to flex his role in getting a COVID-19 developed quickly.

“I did three vaccines in less than nine months, and they do work. They work really well,” he added.

Trump’s comments follow Biden’s decision to make the vaccine mandatory for the majority of federal employees. Last month, Biden shared that those federal workers who refused the shot could face termination. He also ruled that any business with over 100 employees must require their staff to be vaccinated or complete regular COVID-19 testing.

The former commander-in-chief says he could do a better job and claims when he was the country’s leader, “everybody wanted the vaccine.”

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of over 724,000 Americans. Over 57% of Americans are now fully vaccinated.

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