Donald Trump to Candace Owens: "The Vaccine Works"

Donald Trump to Candace Owens: “The Vaccine Works”

Controversial commentator Candace Owens recently sat down with former President Donald Trump to discuss a range of topics, including January 6, vaccine and mask mandates, and pardons.

Many were surprised at one particular moment from the discussion when the former commander in chief firmly told Owens that the covid-19 vaccine does work, as the two discussed the now years-long pandemic. Owens has been very vocal about the vaccine, previously labeling it “purely evil,” stating, “it will never enter my arm.”

In a now-viral clip from the interview that aired this week, Owens can be heard telling Trump more people have died this year from covid under the Biden administration than Trump’s, though more people took the vaccine this year. Thus, leaving the public with questions. Before Owens could finish her statement, Trump chimed in to say, “The vaccine worked, but some people aren’t taking it. The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine.”

Who saw that coming?

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