TSA Introduces Facial Recognition Technology At 16 Airports To Boost Security

TSA Introduces Facial Recognition Technology At 16 Airports To Boost Security

The Transportation Security Administration has released a pilot project that will use facial recognition technology.

According to Jason Lim, identity management capabilities manager, “What we are trying to do with this is aid the officers to actually determine that you are who you say who you are.”

The initiative comes at a time when various forms of technology are being used more frequently to improve security and simplify processes.

Despite the TSA’s assurance that the pilot is voluntary and accurate, critics have raised concerns about bias in facial recognition technology and the possible consequences for travelers who opt out.

Currently, the new technology is being used in 16 different airports: BWI, Reagan National, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Jose, and Gulfport-Biloxi and Jackson airport in Mississippi.

Travelers going through those airports won’t necessarily experience it at every TSA checkpoint.

According to TSA, travelers will insert their ID or scan their passport photo into a iPad screen where they will face the camera so that the screen can compare it to their ID photo. The technology will verify that the individuals at the airport match the identification they are presenting and that the identification is valid.

Travelers will then be informed by a little sign that their photo will be taken as part of the pilot if they so choose. For additional information a QR code will be provided.

According to TSA, the pilot’s objective is to increase identity verification accuracy without slowing down how quickly passengers move through checkpoints.

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