Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Apologizes After Falsely Claiming A Deceased Man Voted In Georgia

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Apologizes After Falsely Claiming A Deceased Man Voted In Georgia

After falsely reporting that a man who has been deceased for 14 years voted in the 2020 election, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has apologized.

“We’ve got some good news tonight and an apology. One of the people who voted in last week’s election isn’t dead,” Carlson told viewers. “A whole bunch of dead people did vote … but James Blalock was not among them. … So apologies for that, and of course, we’re always going to correct when we’re wrong. And we were.”

In actuality, James Blalock’s widow, Agnes Blalock, 96, voted under the name Mrs. James Blalock, Carlson mentioned after Newton County officials discredited reports that a ballot was submitted for the late James Blalock.

While the Secretary of State’s voting database does not show the “Mrs,” prefix, Agnes Blalock’s profile shows that she is a female and signed the ballot as “Mrs. James E. Blalock, Jr.,” officials stated.

Earlier in the week, a broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” released the names of 25 deceased Americans and alleged that they cast ballots in this year’s election in Georgia. Carlson claims that “provided main-in voter fraud” was apparent enough in the state to warrant a recount.”Right now, fewer than 15,000 votes separate Donald Trump from Joe Biden in the state of Georgia. It’s close enough that it’s worth getting specific about what happened there,” said Carlson.

Biden was projected as the winner of Georgia on Nov. 13. Since then, the state has declared an automatic hand recount of almost 5 million of its ballots. The President-elect currently leads Trump by nearly 14,000 votes.

“In some ways, it’s an inspiring story: the triumph of voting over death. And no one quite embodies that story like James Blalock,” Carlson added, referring to the Covington, Georgia, resident who passed away in 2006.

“How did he do that?” Carlson asked. “Maybe James Blalock was just one of those extraordinary mail carriers – neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night, nor even death itself could keep him from the mail. In his case, maybe voting from the grave wasn’t really fraud, it was just commitment.”

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