Tucker Carlson Loses Disney and T-Mobile Advertisers Over His Remarks On George Floyd

Tucker Carlson Loses Disney and T-Mobile Advertisers Over His Remarks On George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

It looks like corporations have come to their senses by choosing to distance themselves from far-right winged thinkers.

Tucker Carlson is one of those far-right wing thinkers. His primetime show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, appears on the Fox News Channel and has lost two big advertisers, Disney and T-Mobile. But it’s not the first time his poor point of view cost him.

According to Deadline, in 2018, twenty companies took their ads elsewhere after the conservative host made despicable comments regarding undocumented immigrants, claiming they made America “poorer, dirtier, and more divided.” Last summer, the host also stated that white supremacy is a “hoax” that should be deemed a “conspiracy theory.”

Evidently, Carlson didn’t learn his lesson because he didn’t stop there, even after losing 20 of the network’s advertisers. He recently took an unfavorable stance against the death of George Floyd and protesters that continue to rally in the streets against police brutality. Carlson has not held back his ignorant views and told his majority conservative audience that they “weren’t required to be upset” over the death of Floyd.

On the June 8 episode, Carson stated, “This may be a lot of things, this moment we’re living through, but it is definitely not about black lives.” Sadly this was the first day of Floyd’s Houston memorial. Carlson also called protesters “racist lunatics with semiautomatic weapons” and suggested it’s not equality, and justice protesters want, but a new “segregation.”

Thankfully, Disney and T-Mobile support the BLM movement, and their recent decision advocates the call for justice and equality in America.  Carlson’s one-way views was the last straw for the media giant and telecommunications brand, who received a lot of negative feedback for still being associated with someone with such poor judgement. This year alone, Disney has run 29 ads for ABC shows on FNC, but claim they were done in error by third-parties. They have since reassured that it will not happen again.

“The ABC advertisements were placed on the show without our knowledge by third party media buyers who were unaware that we do not advertise on the show, and they have now been notified not to place any further ads,” an ABC spokesperson told Deadline tonight.

Disney announced that their recent change did not result in the loss of national dollars and that the ads were moved to other networking programs successfully. In a May 30 letter to the Disney staff, CEO Bob Chapek, Executive Chairmain Bob Igler, and SVP and Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton vowed to stay committed to diversity and inclusion.

“We intend to keep the conversation going, not just today, but for as long as it takes to bring about real change,” the correspondence concluded.

As for Floyds insensitive remarks regarding Floyd, Deutsche Telekom AG-owned T-Mobile to respond:

“We haven’t run ads on Tucker Carlson Tonight since early May and have cancelled all futures placements. We will continue to support those who stand against racial injustice.”

Carlson also blamed the state of the economy on the Democratic party, although the Republicans have the majority. With the mention of COVID-19, he said, “Corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over the most basic questions in our own lives. At the same time, they gave more power to their obedient followers like Antifa, while keeping the rest of us trapped at home and censored online.”

The 2018 loss was not gigantic for the FNC, and if the 2020 loss echos that, the monetary impact will not be significant. We will have to wait until the end of the fiscal year, June 30, to see if advertisers’ disassociation will make a statement to Fox News Channel to clean up their act.

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