Identical Twin Sisters Rake In More Than $24M In College Scholarships, Over 200 Acceptance Offers

Identical Black twin sisters set to graduate at the top of their class have raked in more than $24 million in college scholarships and have over 200 offers from schools.

Denisha and Destiny Caldwell, 18, seniors at Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, admitted that they competed against each other but now compete with each other.

“In the end, we said, ‘Let’s just work together and end at the top,” Denisha Caldwell told Good Morning America. “It’s an unbreakable bond. Once you see, me you know you’re going to see Destiny.”

“There’s no separation between us,” Destiny Caldwell told “GMA.” “We are two hearts apart.”

Destiny will be her school’s valedictorian with a stand g 4.0 GPA, and her twin Denisha is the salutatorian after achieving a 3.95 GPA.

The two say their biggest supporters are their parents.

“Sky’s the limit, ” Destiny advised rising students.

“Achieve everything you want to accomplish and accomplish everything you want to achieve, ” she added.

Denisha’s advice is, “don’t allow negativity to break you down.”

“Use it as motivation,” she said. “Use everything as a positive.”

Both will both attend UCLA in the fall and will major in math and science. They plan to pursue careers in the medical field eventually.

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