Twitter Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Her White Savior Complex After She Claimed Jordyn Woods Is “Providing For Her Whole Family” Because of Kylie Jenner

A wise man once said, “Don’t eat with people that are going to brag about feeding you,” and apparently, Jordyn Woods learned that the hard way after the Tristan Thompson scandal. Over the weekend, E! released new clips of the forthcoming “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” season finale, which detailed the events leading up to and after the scandal. 

In one of the clips, fans noticed an interesting hot-take from the wife of Kanye West, which in turn, displayed the family’s true feelings about the friend-turned-family-turned-enemy. 

“She provides for her whole family off of what you have given her,” Kim Kardashian said, adding fuel to their Jordyn Woods hate-campaign.

However, the comment didn’t sit well with many for a few reasons, including the fact that Woods’ family was well-off before she met Jenner, Khloe and Tristan were broken up before the incident occurred, and the fact that Kim’s white savior complex jumped out. 

“It’s cruel. What Kim said is unforgiveable,” one user wrote. “When you help a person out that you consider family, u don’t say it and call them out for the world to see. They thought we will join them drag Jordyn, no I don’t want any part of that.” 

Now, we all know the Kardashian’s history with black men and women – outside of culture appropriation, is undeniably disturbing. Between the alleged Kardashian Kurse that has seemingly ruined the lives and careers of their black ex-boyfriends and the constant disregard of girl code, it’s almost unbelievable that Kim would utter such words about a girl that’s been like a sister to them. But, then again, are we really surprised? 

*Stares in Blac Chyna, Trina and Justine Skye…*

While, Woods’ relationship with Kylie Jenner may have catapulted her celebrity, to say she’s providing for her whole family off of what Jenner has given her, which is exposure, is absolutely insane. Would Jenner even look in Woods’ direction if she didn’t live in Hills with connections to the Smiths, would Woods have connections to the Smiths, if the family didn’t have any money? 

“Kim must really have a white savior complex to say that Kylie gave Jordyn the ability to provide for her family,” Davia Lee said. “If Jordyn lived in the same zip code as Kylie to be able to go to school with her then her family obviously has money too.”

We already know Woods’ father worked on the set of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” which allowed Woods to build a relationship with the Smiths. Woods’ mother, Elizabeth, runs her own PR agency and manages the careers of several young artists, including her children. Her older brother is a tattoo artist, while her little sister has a following on Instagram.

As for Woods, as a teen, she gained first recognition as a plus size model, managed by Wilhelmina Models. Although she left the agency, she still went on to become one of the most popular plus size models in the world, now working under her mother’s agency. 

With the Kardashian’s history of profiting off of their proximity to black people and cultural appropriation, fans were pissed that Kim let her white savior complex show, in thinking without them, she’d be “nothing.” 

“Okay, yuck. @KimKardashian your dig at Jordyn Woods “providing for her family with what Kylie has given her” was so steeped in a white savior complex that you are BEYOND trash,” Sherae Speaks said. “Remember that you provided for your whole family with the orgasms Ray J gave you. Heffa. #KUWTK

Elsewhere in the episode, Kim claimed Khloe “supported and trusted” Jordyn and “employed” her as a model for her 2016 line, which forced fans to call her out for her demeaning, disgusting comments. 

“Jordyn Woods has always been well off. Her uncle is fucking Will Smith, her cousins are Jaden and Willow. And Kim is out here saying that Kylie provided for her family? Bitch, shut up. I hope the Wood’s sue for defamation of character.”

“Kim saying Kylie provided for Jordyn so she can take care of her family it’s outrageous coming from someone who you considered family – they break bread with you an brag about it,” Riccardo Elle said. “This is really how they viewed Jordyn – shocking to say the least.”

Although Woods was wrong for her part in the scandal, did it really warrant an entire hate campaign? What do you think?

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