Twitter Celebrates Gabrielle Union With Hashtag #GabUnionAppreciationDay

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, we celebrate actress, entrepreneur, and producer #GabrielleUnion.

This past Wednesday, you may have seen thousands of appreciation posts centering on the “Being Mary Jane” star, following an initial tweet from Ultra Violet, an organization that works to combat sexism and attacks against women. “Today is officially #GabUnionAppreciation Day! Let’s make this the longest thread ever,” Ultra Violet’s tweet read. “In addition to being an amazing actress, producer, and best-selling author, itsgabrielleu flawlessly balances being a wife, a mother, and a voice for others. #gabunionappreciationday.”

The day is marked to celebrate the contributions Union has made on-screen as well as behind the scenes as a major leader in the social justice and women’s empowerment arena. Most recently, she stood up to alleged sexism and racism that was taking place during her time as a host on the show “America’s Got Talent.” Union voicing her concerns seemingly led to her contract not being renewed. Following her firing, fellow actor #TerryCrews spoke out and challenged the actress’ claims about the show work environment.

Ultra Violet says Union was chosen because she is a survivor of sexual assault and a person who isn’t afraid to share her story to create change.  “No matter how uncomfortable at times, itsgabrielleu doesn’t shy away from her truth. From her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, to the growth shared at the Essence BWIH event in 2013. She is real and relatable. #gabunionappreciationday. As a survivor, itsgabrielleu knows the difference she makes every time she shares her story. It’s something she does again and again to help others. #gabunionappreciationday,” the organization tweeted.

Union was also recognized for her unconditional support of her step-son, Zion, who recently came out to the world as gay. “When people publicly questioned her stepson’s sexual orientation, itsgabrielleu showed her support for his individuality with pride. #gabunionappreciationday,” the site tweeted.

It didn’t take long for others to join in and celebrate the actress’ legacy. “She never pretended to be something she is not, and that is what I love most about Gabrielle Union. #GabUnionAppreciation Day,” said one Twitter user. Another user wrote, “She celebrates every hardworking female out there through her posts on IG. Never ceases to show her admiration of others. #GabUnionAppreciation.”

Gabrielle Union
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